Episode 74

Our Koi Fish Ran Away

Dan and Mags (and Shay) talk about a variety of relationship experiences – including hard conversations with friends, unexpected encounters with strangers, and how we keep family relationships close.

Show Notes:
00:00   Mags reading Hunger Games trilogy. And how Jennifer Lawrence was SO GOOD in the third book!
02:45   Our Koi fish “ran away.”
05:54   Dan arrived less than an hour ago after crisscrossing the country for speeches – but he’s awake!
07:30   Luggage lost and found. Dan remembers to get his checked baggage – days after the trip!
12:53   Mags sees Harry Styles again in LA from the pit. So, so fun!
15:23   Seeing Jvke in concert. Mags was in his music video.
17:05   Dan reading about sheep and hearing stories from strangers.
23:03   A restaurant in Alaska where the servers join you for dinner?
23:52   In Greece they won’t talk with you.
25:05   Ocean City, MD past experience and snowy video making.
26:44   Listener question from Irene: How did you get the idea for the “push in the pool” TikToks?
28:52   Amazing in-person comment from Jackson: How our TikTok content helped his sister and dad get closer.
30:20   Listener question from Jess: How do you have such a close relationship?
35:05   Having hard conversations with friends.
41:29   Building Shay’s dream library!

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