Episode 54

A funny thing happened at the funeral.

Grandma joins the military? Maggie’s unfortunate new expression, and who knows Dan better, Mags or Mom?

Show Notes:
01:35​​Dressing for inside vs. outside.
03:12​​Working out at the Dog Pound without passing out.
07:02​​Purging and losing weight – from our stuff.
10:55​​Dan’s 1,000 catches a day routine.
12:40​​Mags ADR for her recent film.
16:50​​Maggie’s latest expression not ideal in all situations. Fire!
18:05​​Grandma joins the military at Uncle Teddy’s funeral.
21:38​​Mary Poppins strikes again.
22:55​​Still moving in and rearranging stuff so Dan can’t find it.
24:15​​Who knows Dad better – mom or Mags?
26:58​​Listener question from Rob: in applying to college; should he lower academic challenge for a better fit personally, or go for the more challenging academic school?​
32:49​​Dan, dogs, parks and spontaneous hours of leisure.
33:52​​Mags learning to say “no thanks” to take time for herself.
35:13​​Mags tries meat after several years as a vegetarian.

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