Episode 34

A Stranger Swipes Food Off Maggie’s Plate

Dan and Mags share hilarious true stories. Eddie has an encounter with George Washington, and we find out we are all programmable!

Show Notes:

00:00   Dad “diffuses” the smoke alarm.

05:55   TikToks are like scrapbooks of memories.

10:49   Reconciling uncertainty and randomness.

12:00   Mags on adulting – “Now I get it.”

14:55   The dog in the tutu and an edible flower.

17:33   Maggie gets a facetime call during the podcast.

22:40   Is Eddie’s Grandpa George Washington?

23:10   A fire alarm, a bed of nails, and an armed audience in Iraq.

29:19   Revealing our screen time on the show.

33:00   Humans are programmable!!!

39:00   Listener question from Jazzy: How do you handle fighting with siblings?

49:07   “He’s been mostly dead all day.”

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