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How Did It All Begin?

During 2020, Maggie and her Dad became widely known for TikToks featuring their dances together, their comedic personalities, and their honest question and answer sessions which often ended up with one … or both of them getting pushed into a cold pool!

They both have diverse and unusual skillsets and continue to innovate content as they navigate very busy and productive lives. Their content is family-friendly, advocating good values with great fun and incredible energy.

Over and over in the comment sections of their videos, audiences from all over the planet express the sentiment, “I wish I had a relationship like that with my dad (and my daughter). Exactly HOW do you make that happen?

In their new podcast, entitled “Mags and Dad’s Wholesome Chaos,” Mags and her Dad will reveal new elements to their backstories, secrets to their relationship success, and real, down-to-earth perspectives on life that will make you smile and help you “do life” with greater fun and confidence.

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About Mags

Maggie Thurmon is a multi-talented TikTok influencer with over four million followers and rapidly growing popularity. She is an actor, singer, songwriter, and has talents that also include circus and acrobatic skills.

Maggie has a curiosity about life and learning, and she strives to try all that she can while inspiring others along the way.

Her personal motto is to “Go make someone smile.” This means that even when we are at our lowest points, we have the incredible ability to positively impact someone else. And, more often than not, that helps you feel better too!

Maggie began her social media career in high school as a brand ambassador for Hollister. By being selected as part of this exclusive team, she expanded her understanding of content creation, audience demographics, and the power of applied creativity. After that assignment ran its course, she shifted her attention to her own channels, on Instagram and the new and exciting platform, TikTok.

Maggie started a campaign to post “one new video each week of her senior year,” to capture and share the experience as a high school senior, graduating in 2020. An early video dancing with her dad went viral and catapulted her following. Then, with the events of COVID, the pandemic, and online learning, her reach and content took on new directions and even greater reach. Several of her videos have more than 30 million views, and this led to partnerships and opportunities far and wide.

Now a college freshman, she is also pursuing acting opportunities, creating music, and collaborating with a wide variety of partner companies and other influencers. With their new podcast, Wholesome Chaos, Mags and her dad hope to reach, inspire, and bring smiles to an increasingly expanding, multi-generational audience.

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About Dan

Dan Thurmon is an expert speaker and performer. He’s delivered thousands of presentations across six continents for audiences including world leaders, Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs, educators, and even troops on the front lines of battle in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In 2011, he was inducted into the prestigious Speaker Hall of Fame — and is one of fewer than 200 living speakers to have received this honor.  Dan has served as the President of the National Speakers Association.

He is also a writer and content producer. He’s authored two books: Success in Action and Off Balance On Purpose.

Along with his speeches and books, Dan produces an ongoing, weekly video-coaching series and podcast in which he shares leadership principles and life-enhancement strategies in under three minutes.

Dan and his teenage daughter, Maggie, have become social media sensations on TikTok with nearly five million subscribers. Maggie and Dan’s creative and enthusiastic content resonates strongly with an audience that spans the world.

Dan built his first company, a live entertainment firm, in the late 1980s as a means of financing his education at the University of Georgia. There, he received his degree in Business. In the mid-1990s, Dan changed his firm’s focus, from live entertainment to corporate education, so he could more fully use his knowledge about peak performance and help people and businesses succeed at a much higher level.

He is a health and fitness advocate. In his 50’s, Dan continues to train and perform advanced acrobatics and enjoys hobbies such as golf, mountain unicycling, and the flying trapeze.