Episode 61

Attending a wedding and a funeral the same day.

Maggie, Shay, and Dan share the week’s unusual happenings and talk social stresses, tips, and life’s crazy mysteries.

Show Notes:
00:00               Mags brushing up on her HS Spanish – no requerdo.
01:39               Maggie’s innocent choreography to Chicago soundtrack.
08:17               Crocheting beats Halloween parties.
11:50               Social tips and trade-offs. Should I stay, or should I go?
13:08               Introvert vs. Extrovert
13:56               Wedding and funeral, same day.
19:13               “Giant children” at the world’s largest bounce-y house.
21:07               Dan’s goal to perfect new trick – Goals, Desires and Intentions.
23:15               Social experiment – switching speaker mid-conversation.
25:58               Mags’ take on social capacity.
29:33               A sign in the clouds.
33:54               Tag: a note from little Mags to Mom.