Episode 20

Crazy Laws and Little Known Facts

Mags and Dan challenge each other to some trivia regarding former U.S. laws and little-known facts along with surprising stories of Dan’s youth.

Show Notes:

00:00   It’s episode 20 already – how have we changed?

05:10   When to have guests on the show?

08:40   Dan’s misadventures with coffee and driving.

13:50   Mags’ self-taped auditions (which may be why her video is missing)

17:40   Trivia for Dad: Two laws and a fake.

23:02   Trivia for Mags: Little known facts.

26:48   Ping pong and the decibel levels of laughter.

28:25   Mags gets to choose a Dan story to hear.

29:10   Dan skeeching (sort of) story.

33:35   Flying “non-rev” during college (was like traveling by Tardis).