Episode 9

Dad and Daughter Play “Never Have I Ever”

Mags teaches her dad how to play “Never Have I Ever” and sets him up to confess surprising stories he may regret sharing.

Show Notes:
01:40  Cliff diver, Molly Carlson, coaches Mags and Dan’s TikTok Dives.
09:17  Is Dan’s limping since that last dive?
11:05  Maggie’s theory on making friends in LA and why it’s all about timing.
12:45 Maggie’s Aynchronous classes – huh?
16:30 Listener questions from around the world! We read them all and love you all
17:04 Listener question from Mary about kids and responsibility overload.
20:00 Mags shares inspiring story about a young girl that started the “I love you” habit in her family.
25:00  Thoughts about Leaders and when “leadership” sometimes means admitting you were wrong.
27:15  Listener, Bella, asks Mags and Dad to play more games.  You got it!
29:30 Dan and Mags play “Never Have I Ever.” Which, incidentally, Dan has never played. You do not want to miss this!!!
38:20 Maggie’s plans to shop with her parents backfires.
40:20  Rapid Fire Listener questions:  First from Down Under dealing with heavy lockdown, and second, from Finland on how to manage procrastination.