Episode 60

Dad Destruction at Whole Foods

Dan visits Maggie in LA and finally meets the elusive Blythe, enjoys pickleball and makes an unfortunate miscalculation at Whole Foods.

Show Notes:
00:00               Late night weather welcome.
02:00               Trivia Night, and Shay’s scorekeeper flashback.
02:45               Letterman Jackets for everyone!
03:38               Maggie definitely didn’t letter in band.
04:18               Dad’s whirlwind trip to Los Angeles!
07:35               From the airport straight to Pickleball.
10:43               Google “nature near me.”
13:10               What happens at Whole Foods…
17:16               Dan finally meets Blythe!
18:31               The Montage Laguna Beach hotel was sooo nice!
22:40               Shay’s emergency surgery.
24:58               Do you know hospital etiquette?
27:00               LA Halloween decorations, and the return of The Porch Knight!
30:00               Mags and Jenna’s Halloween costumes arrive!