Episode 59

Dad Gets Kicked Off a Golf Course

Opportunities are awesome, unless they’re not. Maggie shares an epic story about attending a screening in style. Pulling Maggie’s wisdom teeth, and Dad’s crazy Halloween show gone wrong.

Show Notes:
00:00 Maggie’s wisdom teeth coming in sideways!
01:15 DJ Dan
02:25 Radio Mags
03:45 Shay’s “almost” DJ gig
05:17 Say “yes” to opportunities… unless you don’t want to.
06:25 The line between opportunities and obligations.
09:42 Dan’s take on exploring opportunities.
11:46 Dog Park Picnic.
15:15 Maggie and Blythe get big ego boost at screening of “Catherine Called Birdy.”
20:54 Is Mags getting kicked out of the screening?
25:00 What is the point of doing anything?
31:36 Dan gets kicked off a golf course.
35:40 False Positives
37:15 Dan’s Six Flags Halloween gig…. best forgotten.
41:34 Milly Alcock’s thoughts on Fame, success and talent.