Episode 5

Dad Reads Mags’ Angry Childhood Letters

Yes, Dad reads a scathing letter Maggie wrote him years ago. Maggie opens up about the love and hate for her skateboarding videos. And they both answer several listener questions.

Last episode in Georgia – next week they go bicoastal!

Maggie’s LA packing (or lack thereof) (0:10)

The reality of Mags leaving for LA (1:04)

Following in the family’s footsteps??(4:35)

Listener question 1 “How to handle moving away” (7:03)

When big brother, Eddie, left for college (9:28)

Failing publiclly – skateboard/diving/etc.(11:12)

Skateboarding on the internet – the love (12:24)

Skateboarding on the internet – the hate (14:00)

The Tesla Community hates handstands??(15:55)

Lister question 2 “How/why Maggie doesn’t have a boyfriend” (18:36)

Maggie’s angry letters to Dad(23:33)

Maggie’s angry song that mom loved “you suck song” (27:04)

The nice letters Maggie wrote (30:13)

Listener question 3 “tips on how to deal with anxiety/change up the mood” (31:27)

Dad and Maggie both had dreams about David Dobrik??(38:26)

“Go make someone smile:)”(39:30)

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