Episode 73

Dan’s Eyebrows Meet Their Match!

Mags gives an update on her Lasek surgery and Dan gets serious about taming his eyebrows. Shay and Dan also share their New Orleans (not New Or-leans) experiences from the past.

Show Notes:
00:00   Words from a 1940’s comedy dictionary.
02:23   Dan’s eyebrows meet their match.
06:20   Maggie’s Lasek update.
09:03   New Orleans past and present – Mardi Gras is coming!
15:14   Reflecting on our own performance verses other people’s perception.
20:45   Listener question from Issy: How do you get motivated to study (or a tackle a project) when you don’t want to?
29:17   The kids childhood home finally closes.
34:26   Mags and her cousins’ artwork puzzle finished… but missing one piece!