Episode 29

Dan’s Magical Closet and Exploding Sodas.

Mags (from movie location) and Dad talk about stress habits, dating apps, and fights with siblings. Mom and Eddie in the studio too.

Show Notes:

01:22   Snow-pocalypse 2017: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBEvck7MsvE

02:45   Mags stress shopping.

05:40   Mags wraps shooting on “The Other Zoey.”

07:31   Returning to LA after a month away.

09:20   Mags experience with dating apps.

12:30   Mags 19 going on 21?

13:00   Casinos and gambling.

15:00   Listener question from Parker: What are some healthy stress coping mechanisms?

19:14   You don’t have to have a following to have Influence!

21:00   Do you have to be good at your hobbies to enjoy them?

22:57   Listener question from Mayla: Did you and your siblings get into fights growing up?

29:12   Listener/follower support of Mags – Thank you! You’re the best!

31:55   “Fake Famous” documentary.

35:52   Listener question from Nati: More Chicago adventures of Dan growing up.

37:37   Dan’s Cubs game disaster story.

40:20   Eddie and Maggie’s adventures in Tamesan and airsoft wars.

44:05   Dan’s magical closet.