Episode 53

Did We Forget How to Podcast?

Mags and Dad (along with Mom) kickoff Season Two of Wholesome Chaos, with updates on what happened since last time, and what’s to come!

Show Notes:

00:00   Mags changing hair color.

02:15   Dan’s habit of tossing family into the air.

03:49   Forgetting how to podcast.

06:00   The hiatus and Family Zoom calls.

09:30   Maggie’s blonde vs brunette theories.

15:40   Buying, selling and moving, oh my!

16:29   Maggie’s movie?

17:20   Writing a book takes longer than you’d think.

19:24   Maggie’s thoughts on writing a book.

21:55   Listener question from Teresa: What happened to Maggie going to LA for “a couple of months?”

25:27   What are you doing with your free time? Is it making you happy?

26:50   Discernment and 2nd chance relationships.

32:07   Shay’s road trip from Boston, and the downside of using crime podcasts to stay awake.

35:34   Dan gets recognized … on a jet ski.