Episode 12

Disasters in Cooking and Crushes

Mags and Dad talk about the joys of cooking and some big mistakes. They also share early crush disasters that will have you rolling. More listener questions answered on faith, staying motivated, and their favorite part of being influencers/speaker.

Show Notes:

1:40     Mags’ dashboard lights up like a Christmas tree!

8:45     Adventures in cooking – it’s an experiment sometimes inedible.

10:30   Goals and The Blueridge Rock Fest to see Eddie perform.

12:45   Listener Question: Who was your first crush? (They didn’t go well at all.)

13:12 Dan’s answer.               14:52 Mags’ answer.

18:22   Listener Question: How do you stay motivated when you have plenty of time to accomplish a task?

21:17   Listener Question: What’s your favorite part about being an influencer and speaker?

25:06   Listener Question: What do you do when your faith seems to falter?

31:04   Mags’ near dog adoption.

34:07   Listener Question: How do you get through something you don’t enjoy? (Serving mandatory service in Singapore.)

39:44   After the show tag…