Episode 30

Does stretching in public make you weird?

Mags and the family discussing Dad’s unusual airport routines. And the movie Maggie wishes she hadn’t seen.

Show Notes:

02:43          The cult movie that scarred Maggie.

05:45          You can’t “unsee” what you’ve seen…

11:00          12 year old Eddie saves the day (and Dad’s speech).

14:00          Do you walk or stand on a moving sidewalk?

15:30          Airports can bring out the worst in some people.

20:20          Stand up for yourself. How to be assertive, without being rude.

22:05          The secret power of smiling.

24:53          Mags’ roller skating TikTok and Dan’s public stretching.

30:20          Listener question from Ellie: “What’s your go to snack?”

35:30          Listener question from Ariel: Balancing work, art and family and getting into motivational speaking.

41:35          Maggie eats her new pet plant, Kendra!


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