Episode 39

How to Crowd Surf With Your Dad

Eddie’s last podcast, Mags’ adventures in weighing Santa Monica trash, and asking for what you really want.

Show Notes:

01:20   Tak’s packing system: Remember or forget it!

02:28   Maggie’s phone on the fritz. Will she lose all her content?

08:07   Eddie’s PS5 mysteriously disappears at FEDEX.

10:00   Eddie gets parents into VR gaming.

14:55   Mag in the mosh pit of Aidan Bissett and Claire Rosinkranz concert.

17:13   Mags does beach clean-up at Santa Monica.

18:20   Dan relocates trash to a different pile.

23:21   Mags and friends become accidental “extras” in tennis video shoot.

25:05   Eddie and Dad bond during father/son crowd-surfing.

28:35   Eddie’s least favorite podcast edit.

30:30   Maggie performs Harry Potter impersonations to the wrong audience.

31:50   Listener Aim learning English from watching the podcast.

34:15   Dan recalls bringing 4-year-old Eddie on work trip.

36:20   Eddie’s first business in 5th grade: “Eddie’s Fantastic Feathers”

43:17   Question from TikTok: “How do you ask for a raise or whatever else you want?”

49:45   Reading Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein.”

53:50   Shout out to Jess and Katelyn who recognized Dan in Orlando.

57:01   Shay (almost) wears a doll dress on a date.