Episode 56

Finding the Love of your Life

Are you impatient? Dan and Mags talk about their phone addictions. And Maggie’s going on a couples’ trip with who?

Show Notes:
00:00   Dog park friendships for Dan and Spencer. (02:49 dog park pics)
03:35   Shay’s still alive, and that’s okay.
04:06   Maggie at the mechanic: continuing car saga.
08:45   Dan and Shay visit Eddie and Morgan during “Smoke Season.”
11:50   Entitlement or Impatience?
17:05   Our phone addictions and intentions to change it.
22:14   “Fundamental attribution error” “The curse of knowledge” and “Decline-ism”
36:43   Listener question from Michael:  Do you think there’s only one love in life or do you believe it’s important to try out different relationships?
39:50   What you find when your friend Googles you!
43:00   Our friend Andy and “adopting families.”
45:35   Getting nervous before a big moment.
48:00   Is Maggie going on a couples’ trip?