Episode 15

Friendships and Things That Make Us Happy

Maggie prepares to be a mom – a plant mom – which she says is a real thing. Tips on how to be happy, and questions and stories about friendships and their lasting impact.

1:53     Mags preparing to be a plant mom.
4:35     Make your space happy!
8:05     Helping others is good for your mental health.
9:25     Listener question: Melanie – How to stay in touch with friends when busy?
10:19    Mags shares her thoughts on Melanie’s question.
11:30    Dan shares his thoughts on Melanie’s question.
12:50   Dan and his best friend and hero, Philip.
14:50   Philip’s childhood initiative set off their lifelong friendship.
16:56   Maggie’s mom shares thoughts on the “friends for a reason, a season and a lifetime.”
19:00   How does making friends happen? Maggie’s unusual initiative is the catalyst for her friendship with Rachel.
25:10   Mending wounds and recovering: Dan shares an incident that nearly cost him his friendship with Philip.
26:18   Dan has a new disc course – including his own score cards!
28:18   Listener question – Anna – how to handle being the last kid at home.
28:57   Mags missing her brother, but realizing her family are her best friends.
37:08   Listener question – Elza – Closing in on a 12 year work commitment, how to stay the course or walk away.
41:55   Mags’ upcoming adventure plans…