Episode 41

Fun Talk About Mortality

Surprising updates to life and Teslas, embracing the inevitable, and answering “How to make a decision when both options are risky?”

Show Notes:

02:40   When are you no longer “aspiring?”

08:06   About Mags and her Dad.

09:55   Who moved my glovebox button?

11:35   Partying with our Persian friends and Dan’s non-traditional dancing.

15:27   Mags, inspired by Is it Cake, attempts to bake an object.

19:16   Mags and Dad on getting along and fixing it when they don’t.

21:50   Dan’s “death countdown.”

23:44   More fun talk about mortality.

30:19   Maggie thinks she wants to get married.

30:50   When Dan met Shay’s dad.

31:50   Dan and Shay considering moving.

34:30   Listener question from Kyra – “How do you make a decision when both options are risky?”

37:19   Dan’s client who lives fulltime in an Airstream with his family. Could you?

42:35   Listener comment from Heidi. Thank you for listening and writing to us, Heidi!

44:16   Maggie’s keeping a secret from us! Big news to come!

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