Episode 14

Halloween Costumes Gone Wrong

It’s October and that means stories of Halloween costumes gone wrong and how the Thurmons deliver tricks AND treats. Dan’s Motivational Moment on “Game Changing Skills” and Mags and Dan answering a few listener questions.

Show Notes:
02:23 Maggie’s Halloween TikTok last year for her dad.

03:52 Mags grows INTO awkwardness instead of out of it.

05:05 Dan’s unusual childhood costume.

06:46 Mags’ costume in High School that got her in trouble.

08:29 Eddie’s themed birthdays.

15:50 Dan Thurmon “Off Balance On Purpose” book discount code.

17:29 An upcoming wedding.

22:00 Listener question from McKenna: How to stay motivated with health challenges.

26:45 Dan’s Motivational Moment “Game Changing Skills.”

31:30 Listener Question from Ellie: Not “have to” but “get to” framing.

33:45 How tall are the Thurmons?

38:55 Listener question from Jake: “Interested in coming to Kilkenny, Ireland?”