Episode 62

Halloween Recap and Heavy Questions

After an upbeat, Halloween recaps, Dan, Maggie and Shay answer heavy listener questions on toxic friends, parenting, and dealing with death.

Show Notes:
00:00    Listener warning – truthful conversations to follow about experiences with death and suicide beginning at 36:05 minutes into the podcast.

00:37     Halloween is exhausting, and Maggie’s glad it’s over!
03:06     Shay gets a semi-finalist award for her short film “Heir Mail.”
04:30     Giving out Halloween tricks and treats in the new neighborhood.
10:19       Mags and Jenna go to “Harryween” (and lose the car).
21:41       Listener question from Bastian – Parenting advice you were glad you didn’t take?
29:08      Listener question from Annalisa – How do you handle toxic friends?
37:17       Trigger Warning: Heavy listener questions (from Audrey and Maggie) about losing friends and loved ones.
52:15:      Giving the dogs a chill pill.