Episode 46

Hobnobbing in We-Ho

Maggie’s hobnobbing adventures in LA were much more successful than Dan’s adventures in dumping! Also listener questions on how to meet people and bring your faith and values to your work.

Show Notes:

02:30​   Mags’ directing debut in her Target Ball TikTok .

05:07​   Dan getting up early and being weird.

06:30​    Segueing.

10:01​   Unicycling is a productive way to exercise.

11:34​   Mags’ game of singles – the sport, not relationships.​

13:21   ​Hobnobbing and elbow tapping in We-Ho and No-Ho.

18:17​   Listener question from Zane: Do you have any suggestions on how to meet people in LA?

22:23​   Dan and Shay talk with Thomas Lennon, the Book writer of the new “Trading Places the Musical”

26:04​   Dogs are needy and Adventures in dumping

29:20​   Listener question from Michael: “Do you feel like your work doesn’t represent your faith and values?”

33:00​   Dog park confrontation.

35:10​   Speaking of sobriety… Mags saw John Mulaney from the third row! (3rd row from the back of the Hollywood Bowl).

Clarification: ​Dave Chappelle INTRODUCED the phone locking pouches at his shows that were made by Yoder. He didn’t actually invent them.

40:55​  Should we have guests on the podcast? Who do you think?



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