Episode 31

Hot Guys Use Blinkers

Getting out of negative thinking, emotion enhancing smells and crazy Emu’s in Oregon.

Show Notes:

0:00     Cold front and falling iguanas.

02:08   Mags’ trip to Joshua Tree – spoiler there’s no tree named Joshua.

06:17   Dan and Eddie’s safari in Oregon. Attack of the crazy Emu!

11:11   Train your brain.

14:11   Maggie’s brain off coffee.

16:50   Listener question from Joseph: “How do you deal with negative feelings?”

20:00   The downside of “Don’t.”

21:41   Eddie on negative self-talk.

23:10   Validating someone’s emotional reaction.

26:25   Would you rather others think you smell bad, or have everything around you smell bad?

28:47   It’s fun to smell different…

29:30   Listener question from Skyler: “Is there merch coming?”

29:57   Maggie’s stickers slogan plan…

35:40   Listener question from Seb: “What should I do on a 3 day drive?”

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