Episode 27

How to change yourself and your pants!

Mags and dad talk change – in all aspects of life! Plenty of laughs and motivation, along with answers to questions about books, music, and loving your own appearance.

Show Notes:


01:42   Crocs aren’t waterproof and going home to old clothes.


03:35  Emotional attachments to objects can be easier than people.


07:45   “Taking back” what was previously associated with broken relationships.


09:40   Breaking the bagel, cream cheese and tomato meal habit. (food groups)


11:39   Vitamin C and berry tea – and a wet table top.


12:55   How you change yourself. Right foot first, or left? Lookout for the holes!


14:19   How Mags makes changes.


15:10   Changing from the Outside In and the Inside Out.


16:39   Dan’s motivational coaching series. To signup FREE text Lifelines to 44222.


18:23   Binge watching!


20:52   Listener question from Akshay: Please share about your musical journeys.


25:33   Dan’s musical journey.


29:00   Listener question from Zoe and Rahman: What are some of your favorite books?


37:40   Listener question from Maggie who has vitiligo: Any tips on how to feel better about her appearance.