Episode 19

Identity Discussions

Mags and Dan talk about knowing who you are, becoming who you want to be and quotes to keep you motivated.

Show Notes:

00:20   Drummers in the family.  Sort of.

02:55   Thanksgiving short season and we love it.

06:55   The joy of juicing.

10:26   Maggie’s therapy experience.

11:00   Dan just wrapped a live webinar before recording this podcast.

12:34   Lizzo crashes a party in LA.

17:02   Listener question from Julia: “You mentioned sobriety in previous podcast. Did you have a drinking problem?”

25:16   Maggie’s (lack of) sleep schedule.

26:10   Maggie photo shoot with a friend.

28:13   Listener questions from Kristen and Tea about not feeling like they know themselves.

29:14   Mags’ response to the listener questions.

30:11   Dan responses to the listener questions.

34:09   Really good quotes.

40:22   Book or lullaby?