Episode 2

Mags passes out at the gym and Dad’s secret langugage

In this episode Mags shares an incident of passing out at the gym, adventures in flying as Tinkerbell, and her platinum blonde phase. Maggie also recalls a secret language some of her friends in school spoke, that she couldn’t crack. Until her Dad revealed he spoke it fluently – and in French! See if you recognize the “gibberish” and let us know if you can speak a secret language too.


Mags and Dad talk about several situations that are funny now, but not so much then.
Show Notes:
Maggie’s platinum blonde phase and unusual Tinkerbell (2:50)
Passing out and the MRI says… (10:00)
The secret language Dad taught Mags. (21:26)
Would you rather be great at one thing, or okay at many? (24:18)
The TikTok idea that may never be. (27:00)
Dan gets quizzed on Gen Z terms. (38:08)

Rescue dog, digital dog and frisbee golf – oh yeah! (36:10)

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