Episode 49

Knocker Uppers and Mattress Testers

Dan’s toothless speech, movies in a cemetery and the curious story of “Knocker Uppers.”

Show Notes:
02:33 Mags starts a book club.
06:45 Mags’ first podcast from her now apt.
11:54 Dan reaches the 7 gallon mark! Donating blood in dorm room?
18:30 Watching “Back to the Future” on the back of Paramount Studios.
19:10 Movie at the cemetery.
24:20 Is there a booger in my video?
25:30 Dan looses a tooth on stage and the speech goes on!
35:19 What we know about “Knocker Uppers.”
40:10 Cars, pillows and Shay zones out.
42:10 Delivery men may not be Professional Mattress Testers.

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