Episode 35

“Life is Pain” and We Have The Scars To Prove It!

Mags and Dan compare injuries and pain from work and play and discuss the unexpected responses to recent TikToks.

Show Notes:

00:00   “Life is pain, Highness…” Comparing injuries.

02:10   Maggie gets “striped” by Parking Enforcement.

04:18   Almost a good idea – The Malibu sunrise that wasn’t.

05:47   Lack of sleep – racoon face.

08:23   Shay gets a screenwriting award for Heir Mail.

09:25   “Does my finger look strange?” Dan’s most recent performance injury.

11:00   Maggie’s posture corrector and Picasso spine.

12:36   Mags and Josh’s spontaneous TikTok that went viral.

15:00   McBirdie Balls

17:45   Listener update from Steph who took up a hobby during quarantine.

18:40   Mags’ photography journey.

21:24   Enjoying hobbies publicly is hard.

22:45   Maggie’s Olympic dive coach.

26:18   Baby swim classes.

29:00   Windows of time with your kids.

34:30   When dad was president of NSA.

38:44   Maggie’s pitch for being homeschooled using PowerPoint.

45:00   “TikTok pressed a special button for this one.”

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