Episode 21

Life, loss, and robot salad

Amidst the laughter and recent stories, Mags and Dan share an unexpected family loss and discuss the importance of empathy.

Show notes:

02:30   Nine month “family tattoos?”

04:39   Maggie and Blithe’s pickleball stage.

08:35   Dan orders a “robot salad.”

10:07   “Push in the pool” TikToks in the freezing cold?

11:15   Weather is relative – to your location.

12:25   Maggie’s desire to see SNL live taping in New York.

17:40   Arriving early. Maggie’s plan vs. LA culture.

23:45   Empathy.

27:48   Dan loses one of his dads.

33:40   Maggie leaning into veganism.

38:25   Berklee College of Music going virtual again?

41:05   Maggie’s COVID senior year disappointment.

43:59   Coming home for Thanksgiving. What day is that again?



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