Episode 13

Maggie’s Parents Crash LA

Maggie’s parents drop in for a whirlwind visit and find themselves sharing space with famous Youtubers, TikToker’s and amazing photographer Jordan Matter! Mags and Dad play another round of “Never Have I Ever” and answer a couple of listener questions.

Show Notes:

01:50   Mom and Dad occupy Mags’ space.

03:44   Where’s Maggie’s water glass?

05:40   Mags parenting her parents.

09:35   Dan golfs with Heath and Ryan

15:30   Santa Monica Pier – Muscle beaching it.

18:15   Jordan Matter impromptu photo shoot!

24:00   Everyone’s a TikToker.

28:10   Listener question from Charlotte: How to handle isolation.

31:48   Listener question from Chloe:  Opinion on absent parent.

36:06   Never Have I Ever “Gone Into My Best Friend’s Mother’s Closet to try on her clothes.”

38:02   Never Have I Ever “Skipped School Without My Parents’ Permission.”