Episode 66

Maggie’s Sick Trip To Georgia

Mags and mom set Dan up to lose trivia but it goes sideways. And Dan and Maggie’s flawed understanding of whistling and bravado.

Show Notes:

00:00   Glasses and minty fresh eyes drops.

02:30   Maggie’s trip to GA was sick – literally.

07:10   Maggie’s desire for a slide phone and reduce distractions.

09:45   Dan’s problem with ear pods – uh, air pods.

12:20   Mags’ beef with brands that don’t do Black Friday discounts.

15:15   Dan cuts his ear shaving.

16:11   Pronouncing N-I-C-H-E.

18:34   Niche pronunciation results.

19:26   Trivia gone wrong!

24:07   Listener question from Sheldon: What do you think of the term “passersby?” And other odd terms.

26:11   Maggie recording voiceover audition in mom’s closet.

30:47   The varied styles of Nertz playing in our family! (i.e: Shay narrates her moves.)

33:50   Listener question from Matt about how to find people that share your gaming interests.

36:46   Maggie’s random thoughts: Billie Bobby Brown

40:34   Maggie’s random thought 2: The time she played a song she wrote but told us it was Taylor Swift’s.

42:42   Maggie’s attempt at whistling when she was a little and Dan’s misunderstanding of bravado.