Episode 11


Mags and her dad discuss money – how they first earned it, early “big” purchases and “must know” info for a healthy relationship with money in your life. Oh, and econ classes can be the worst!


01:13               Auditioning in-person vs. self-taping

03:15               Maggie’s early acting career as the abused child type

08:30               Money to fuel your life

08:50               Maggie’s early experience with handling income

09:40               Maggie’s Renaissance Faire job

12:38               Dan’s first job as a “newsie”

17:45               Maggie’s first “big” purchase with earned income

19:20               Maggie’s Rodeo Drive shopping experience

21:14               Building wealth and paying for college

23:10               Opportunity Cost (the hidden price you pay)

27:10               Delayed Gratification (why waiting works)

28:55               Helping kids buy the first car.

30:25               Econ class can be hazardous to your brain!

32:30               Law of Supply and Demand

34:45               Save, Give, Invest, repeat!