Episode 6

Mags’ Cross-country Road Trip and Some Childhood Punishment Stories

Hear about the sights and frights of Maggie’s cross-country road trip with Mom. Mags and Dad share stories of getting in trouble as a kid… and the consequences. Plus listener questions!

Show Notes:


00:01:00  Dan shares what he’s been doing since Maggie left – Mags shares her concerns!

00:05:00 Dan reading a new book about breathing. It’s a good thing – breathing – and the book!

00:05:24 – 00:07:05. Ad Calm US

00:07:22 Mags and Mom’s Road Trip to California.

00:10:45 We don’t fight! Do we?

00:12:45 Mags’ new place – walk-in closet – LIFE GOALS!

00:14:00  Mags and Dad collaborations not going away – but it’s CHAOS!

00:15:27 – 17:36 Ad Magic Spoon

00:18:05 Listener Question: Family favorite movie or show?

00:21:00 Maggie wins award for best emerging actress

00:22:55 Listener Question – How do you conquer lack of motivation?

00:27:06 Generational discipline – The Scarlet Letter!

00:39:00 Mags’ weird way of watching movies and shows…

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