Episode 38

Mags’ Crush on Brother’s Bestfriend

Mom and Dad’s wild experiences flying planes. Plus, how to recover from bad choices and broken friendships.

Show Notes:

00:00   Mags’ backstory on her back crashing TikTok.

04:11   The one and only DT, not SC or TC

05:35   Sleeping in cars is an act of trust. Shay trusts no one!

12:20   Sailing with seals in SanDiego.

15:25   Mom and Dad on piloting planes – very different experiences.

19:00   Eddie’s leaving us for CA after the next podcast.

20:12   Dan challenged to splits contest by 8 year-old gymnast. It didn’t go well.

23:25   Listener question from Benji: How have you recovered and reconciled from the worst mistakes of your life?

31:15   Dan on Irreversibility – accepting what can’t be undone.

32:22   Mags confesses crush on Eddie’s childhood best friend.

33:05   Mags reading (and writing) “Burn After Writing.”

36:12   Dan recommends favorite books and powerful quotes.

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