Episode 24

Reading hilarious childhood Christmas letters and Motivational Mags.

Exciting news, and our most motivational podcast yet. Mags shares some adulting realizations, including reclaiming the confidence she had as a child.

Show Notes:

02:09   American Airlines going screenless. True or False?

04:38   Gift giving – What’s better, gifts or experiences?

08:14 The downside of fast fashion and almond milk.

12:40   Mags gets cast in a movie and flies out the next day!

16:55   Physical anxiety, Mags’ tremors and managing stressful moments.

19:20   Risk vs. reward and “putting yourself out there.”

23:04   Mags on “reclaiming childhood confidence.”

25:13   Listener question from Pirada: “How do you deal with self-sabotaging nerves?”

28:00   Mags answers by channeling Harry Potter.

29:50   Mags’ Christmas poem from first grade.

31:27   Eddie’s Christmas letter to mom and dad, age 11.

33:03   Maggie’s second grade prose “I need a snow day.”

34:32   Listener question from Jack: Concerns about spreading oneself “too thin.”

38:48   Mags’ response to Jack’s question.

42:33   Bonus: song Maggie wrote in first grade.