Episode 10

Mags’ road rage encounter, and Dad still doesn’t like “The Greatest Showman.”

Mags and Dad are back in the studio together during her whirlwind Atlanta visit. Why Dan doesn’t like “The Greatest Showman,” Maggie dealing with LA road rage. How Dan met Maggie’s mom (and she tried to fix him up with her roommate instead). Plus, your questions about relationships, Imposter Syndrome, and much more!

Show Notes:
02:34   Dan describes a crazy experience with a large glass of water and serious air turbulence.
03:54  Mags’ awkward return home – not the welcome she expected.
07:45   Maggie back home – the good, the bad, and the annoying.
09:30   Dad “Trust me!” Need he say more?
12:27   Listener Question from Ryan: How to deal with Imposter Syndrome?
Link to Dan’s weekly vlog addressing Imposter Syndrome: https://danthurmon.com/imposter-syndrome
16:30   Maggie’s insight: “Good people find good people.”
22:00   Quoting Mark Shulman (drummer for Pink) “LA is a wonderful place for those who want it to be wonderful.”
23:12   Listener Question from Delia: How did Dan and his wife, Shay meet? We’ll let Mags tell it, and add details she never knew!
29:55   Why The Greatest Showman isn’t the greatest movie, according to Dan.
31:31   Mags’ encounter an angry, aggressive driver in LA.
34:45   “Flipping” negative traffic stories, so YOU don’t get angry.
37:40   Visit www.wholesomechaos.com to ask Mags and Dan questions to answer on the podcast.
38:30   Listener Question: How to create a positive father/daughter relationship?

40:28   Mags’ mom Shay makes an appearance and shares her perspectives on parenting.

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