Episode 7

Mags takes on LA, and Dad tapes his mouth shut.

Maggie settles into the west coast vibe and Dad experiments with solutions to snoring. History of TikTok flagged videos and on-stage fails. Maggie’s advice on dealing with peer pressure, and other answers to your questions.

Show Notes:

01:20: East vs. West cultural observations.

04:10: Legendary dance class in LA!

05:20 Maggie’s de-stressing self-talk.

08:15 People are people wherever you are.

08:50 Maggie’s besties visit!

12:20 Does Dan tape his mouth shut?

14:25 Dan’s TikTok with Steve Spangler gets taken down.

19:30 Listener Question: Back to school, peer pressure, and empathy.

23:38 Advice to our 10 year-old selves.

25:50 Listener Question: Got Merch?

27:12 What Maggie WON’T talk to Dad about.

29:20 How Dad intimidates boys and sets the bar.

34:14 Ripped pants, “bleeders,” and other on-stage mishaps.


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