Episode 68

Naked Violent Art On Our Roman Holiday

Laugh and learn about naked violent art, hidden passages, and the pot smoking taxi driver as the Thurmons recap their recent Italy trip.

Show Notes:

00:00               Jetlagged and ears still blocked.

01:05               Maggie’s mental checklist to get home.

03:15               Running for flight to Italy.

06:55               Luggage didn’t run fast enough!

11:30               Maggie’s half sleep dream.

13:00               When in Rome, walk!

13:35               Eddie’s first visit to Rome since Assassin’s Creed.

16:08               We prefer beautiful gardens to violent Coliseum.

19:40               Trying to speak Italian.

25:17               Dan’s stoned, pot smoking, taxi driver.

26:10               Eating gluten free in Italy.

29:32               Time out from family time.

31:22               Making Dan’s weekly video in Italy.

33:40               Florence stair mastering and hidden passages.

34:50               Naked and violent art for your enjoyment.

39:55               The incredible talents of Michelangelo.

44:40               The Pope’s commissions and body on display.

50:35               Maggie’s drinking experience in Italy.