Episode 57

One of the best nights of Maggie’s life!

Dad’s a little loopy today, but that only adds to the funny stories (including Mags’ first Pitbull concert), and meaningful conversation about the world community, social scrolling, and learning humility.

Show Notes:

00:00               Dan drops and does push-up for zoning out.

03:30               One of the best nights of Maggie’s life!

06:27               Mr. 305/Pitbull and Maggie’s search for bald caps.

18:38               Listener suggestion from Laura: Expanding to include a worldwide community.

19:15               Shay’s experience as a teenager living in Europe.

21:18               The unhealthy emotional roller coaster of social scrolling.

26:00               Listener question: Michael asks about finances.

26:55               Maggie’s experience with money.

28:20               Maggie’s car repairs – Either $3000 or $80.

29:30               Taking coffee to the coffee shop.

30:15               Fraud charges on Maggie’s credit card.

33:35               Maggie’s new table that holds the broken printer.

35:00               Should we go to Anaheim every week?

38:49               Listener question from Sacnithe about dealing with chronic anxiety.

46:00               Listener comments: Sammy on humility vs. being cocky; and Craig said he’s “learning to love and know himself.”

49:29               Will Dan get a disc golf coach?

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