Episode 55

Pauses, Pumpkins, and the Adventures of the Porch Knight

Maggie, Mom and Dad tell laugh-out-loud stories, give advice on how to stay disciplined, and share perspectives on life, change, and the passing of the Queen.

Show Notes:

0:00     Flea Market cover charges.

02:25   The Porch Knight Gets Banished.

07:40   Neighborly Shay and her pumpkin patch.

12:07   Maggie’s “something’s wrong” story surprise.

16:55   Listener question: Michael’s question to Dan: How do I “appear more grown-up” to be taken seriously?

20:30   Mags: If you’re doing a good job, it’s not on you.

24:45   Michael’s question for Mags – How to get in the habit of reading the Bible every day?

30:45   Mags: “If I just keep reading words, I’ll eventually finish chapters, and the book!

31:45   Speaker Tim Richardson talks about “the power of the pause.”

33:10   Maggie’s AP study guide was impressive – the exam results not so much.

36:05   Eddie’s book annotation that was publication worthy.

37:46   Mags blindsided by the Queen’s passing.

41:09   Shay was in England after Princess Diana died.

43:20   The “Royal side of TikTok” and Diana’s “revenge dress.”

46:22   Tradition vs. the Next Generation cycle.

48:23   Dan’s trip to Egypt with John Goddard and Mike Vondruska.

51:04   Losing your childhood one text at a time.

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