Episode 16

Relationships and Self-Love

Mags posts a tiktok that has everyone guessing if she’s in a relationship, and if so, with who. Listener questions about self-love, confidence and can men and women just be friends?

Show Notes:

03:57   Mags’ cryptic TikTok?

08:35   Mags’ two month no romance rule expires – and she finds herself on a date without realizing it.

09:58   Can men and women just be friends?

13:05   Mags’ new friend group – They’re having fun but are all sleep deprived.

14:50   Things NOT to do in LA at night.

17:30   Dan’s teen party fail. It’s not like the movies.

21:23   Listener question from Yasmine about self-love and self-confidence.

29:28   Dan officiates his nephew’s wedding and makes a TikTok during it, of course.

31:15   Listener questions from Jaiden and Kailyn about finding joy in the mundane.

35:00   What we’re grateful for.

36:07   Listener question from Lily – How did you become a motivational speaker? And what’s it like having a parent that’s a motivational speaker?