Episode 52

Season One Finale

The whole family closes this first full year of the podcast with a special announcement. Also, our experiences with vivid dreaming and real life “romantic” relationships.

Show Notes:

00:00​   Episode 52 and announcement about the podcast

01:00​   Have you seen the spoons? (Or, “The mystery of the silver where?”)

08:19​   Maggie’s crazy “Volcano Town” dream. Can you control dreams?

11:18​   How the podcast has affected family dynamics.

15:48​   Preview of musical Trading Places at the Alliance Theatre

directed by Kenny Leon, Book by Thomas Lennon and Music and Lyrics by Alan Zachary & Michael Weiner (Note : “Ever After” was previewed at the Alliance Theatre in 2013 with Sierra Boggess as Danielle)

19:31​   Matt’s great.  Spontaneity and communication make things happen!

21:47​   Maggie’s date in Atlanta and everyone’s relationship challenges.

27:4  ​   Conversations with adult kids vs. when they were younger.

32:10​   Listener question from Lindsey: “When siblings move away, how do you fill the void?”

38:16​   Exchange of gratitudes for making the Wholesome Chaos Podcast happen.

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