Episode 40

Shay’s Leaving Dan

Dan’s thoughts on Will Smith’s book and Mags and Dan share best pieces of advice they’ve been given.

Show Notes:
02:55   Have you ever been in a Frat or eaten farts?
04:00   Mags’ Sorority was a Fraternity.
08:24   Stop telling other people’s story. Good gossip and Lashon hara.
12:45   Dan was reading Will Smith’s book before “the incident.”
17:15   Shay leaving Dan…
21:16   Listener comment from Teresa – Thanks Eddie, for talking about repairing broken relationships.
22:15   The “content making” slump.
23:55   Mags falls for pickle ball.
28:35   Regular honeymoons with Tom Cruise (29:57)
32:42   Dan doesn’t dislike Mitch – I swear!
35:24   Listener question from Emily: What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?  Mags (35:38) Shay (37:06)  Dan (38:50)
42:10   How long do you think filming an episode of “New Girl” actually takes?
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