Episode 48

Should You Leave Your Parents?

Updates on Maggie’s big move (to an apartment that feels like a hotel), shooting a music video with mystery artist, and flashback to Maggie’s first kiss on stage! Plus advice on adventure and when to leave your parents.

Show Notes:

00:00   Waking up in a panic!

02:56   Mags’ new bed frame attacks her. (How many times do we call it a headboard?)

05:12   On set for a music video – friends with “backstories” and a “mystery artist” to be named later.

05:57   The Ikea experience!

07:18   3 actors and a chef assemble a bed frame – and Maggie gets yelled at a lot.

12:25   Maggie gets Jury Duty for her birthday?

18:57   Maggie’s alternate career choices, and first kiss on stage!

24:00   Groundlings show with Mindy Sterling directing!!

25:38   Shooting a video in Boston at 5:20 am!

27:43   Listener question from Arhi: “Can you teach me to crochet?”

30:14   Listener question from Tanner: “Should I move to British Columbia away from my family?”