Episode 25

Slipping Q-tips into Spotify photo-ops.

More Christmas letters from the past, Gen Z in the present, and listener questions about the future! Plus, Maggie’s experience at the Spotify Wrapped party.

Show Notes:

0:00     ‘Twas the podcast before Christmas


04:29   The iCloud storage dilemma.


09:41   Spotify Wrapped 2021 Party with Gwen Stafani.


11:53   Q-tip photo op – it’s so fetch!


13:47   Little Maggie letters to Santa, Mrs. Clause and our Elf on a Shelf.


18:56   A hungry Uber Eats driver.


21:12   Dan crashing buffets while performing.


22:30   Maggie mooches masks.


23:28   Blythe. 😉


24:10   Listener question from Adnane in Morocco: Parenting tips?


24:51   Dan’s response – we don’t have it figured out!


26:47   Mag’s input – don’t discount the kid’s perspective.


27:46   How to communicate with Gen Z kids.


32:40   Mags’ Christmas letter.


34:05   Middle School Maggie writes about her parents.


34:34   Modern Family and Phil’s-osophy.


36:39   Listener question from Jess in New Zealand: Public speaking and wedding vows?


41:56   Celebrity “sightings” at Spotify party?