Episode 17

Stress, Fears and Positive Chaos

Mags and her dad discuss stress, fears for each other, and the positivity of Chaos.

Show Notes:

2:00     Do Maggie’s parents think about becoming grandparents?


8:40     Listener Question: Chloe – What are your fears for each other?  Maggie severe OCD phase as a child.


15:30   Dan feeling overwhelmed but also loving the abundance of opportunities.


18:19   Dan’s new program “Positive Chaos.”


19:50   Mags punks her dad with “The Unbreakable Tire.”


23:58   Listener Question from Christian: Do you have any tips on putting away phones or distractions when you need to get something done?


31:05   IHOP experience in Austin.  THANK YOU to our wonderful servers and cooks!!!


33:20   Listener Question from Valentina: Do you recommend any other podcasts like yours?


36:45   Listener Question from Julia: Trying out for basketball team.  Any tips for handling the stress?


38:15   Misner vs. Uta Hagen: preparing for acting auditions and then what happens…


40:45   Maggie find out from TikTok she was in David Dobrik’s vlog.