Episode 26

The whole family sharing secrets and disaster stories.

Eddie and Mom join Mags and Dad for the last podcast of the year. Sharing stories and thoughts about events past and present, and things we hadn’t heard until now!

Show Notes:


00:01:32          The family’s Gut Reaction about 2022.


00:03:58          Goals for Shay


00:07:22          Mags’ 2021 Review


00:09:36          Eddie “forward momentum.”


00:14:33          Dan: momentum, trajectory, and congruence.


00:16:43          Last chance for teenage heartbreak.


00:20:04          Eddie’s long-distance relationship with Morgan.


00:23:20          Dependent vs. Independence


00:25:53          Can I see your insurance policy?


00:29:00          Eddie talks about Maggie’s success.


00:34:40          Listener question from Sean: How do you fix burnout?


00:40:45          Throwing out the garbage can be fun.


00:41:57          Eddie recognizing the struggle when easy things become hard.


00:43:45          New Year’s memories and weird traditions.


00:46:30          Sparkler disasters!


00:47:53          Listener question from Marty:  Thoughts on letting your kids fail.


00:49:56          Everybody’s different – The Clifton Strength’s Finder personality quiz.


00:51:23          Dan and Eddie wired completely different – but find common ground.


00:52:28          Nertz


00:55:39          Eddie shares memories of Dad traveling when he was growing up.


01:00:34          The time a graphic artist drew our family conversation.


01:02:47          Words for 2022.


01:06:03          Mom, can you spare a kidney?


01:10:23          Eddie’s recollection of mom donating her kidney.


01:16:33          Mags’ murder podcast. “Murder isn’t funny.”