Episode 58

TikTok Tips and Pickleball Potluck

Dan and Shay simultaneously onstage and in the audience at the Alliance Theatre during a live show. Useful info, funny stories, and future plans!

Show Notes:

00:00               Maggie’s diving videos from TikTok update.

03:27               Will Dan do tricks and treats for Halloween in new neighborhood?

06:50               When will Dan stop tumbling?

12:28               Mags’ friend’s dad and her dad going to the same conference!

14:00               A tip shay heard about leaking coffee cups. “The drinky part away from seam.”

15:20               Book day. Delivery of 6,000 books

17:30               TikTok tip for glitching captions.

18:59               Pool temps and making “push in the pool” videos this fall and winter.

21:30               Buckee’s “the world’s largest convenience store” experience.

25:30               Maggie’s plan to vlog again…

29:00               Dan and Shay on stage during “Everybody” at the Alliance Theatre.

34:40               Maggie’s friends Wholesome partying Pickleball Potluck.

36:45               Dan’s dog park potluck plan!

37:30               Caring about others.  Go make someone smile.

41:10               How we deal with conflict in or marriage.

44:35               Mags surprise “whoop whoop” DM

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