Episode 3

Vegas Trip, Pietro the Waiter, and How to Stay Motivated

In this episode, Maggie shares her Caesar Milan moment, encounters with elite Canadian basketball players in LasVegas and “Pietro the waiter” who gave her a special, and humbling, birthday surprise. Also, how to join the family!

Show Notes:

1:24 Home alone. Maggie channels Caesar Milan!

6:22 Vegas trip! Unconventional convention, and running a youth leadership conference.

10:00 Getting recognized and meeting elite Canadian basketball players.

19:15 Dad’s Motivational Moment – the family you’re from and the family you choose.

23:00  How to “Join the Thurmon family.”

24:15 Your five closest friends.

26:52 Maggie’s birthday – Pietro the waiter saves the day!

30:48 Eddie’s band Major Moment and the return of music festivals.

32:45 Listener question – How do you stay motivated?

34:45 Maggie’s first job: painting faces at the Renaissance Faire.


Eddie’s band – Major Moment:  https://majormomentband.com/

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