Episode 69

We Almost Did Amazing Race!

Dan and Maggie reveal their Amazing Race consideration. Maggie on reading books with “bad acting” and stories she might audition for. Tips for traveling alone.

Show Notes:
00:00              Maggie’s accent medley.
02:28              The Amazing Race consideration.
05:35              Shay accidentally reveals Eddie’s Christmas present.
09:13              Meeting new people.
12:50              How we’ve changed since 2022.
14:00              The “Great Conversation” and great books.
19:00              Bad acting in a book?
28:00              Reading books of potential future movies – casting actors as you read.
29:30              5 Sphere Intentions for 2023 (from Off Balance On Purpose book)
31:40               Listener question from Jasmine: Tips and advice on traveling alone?
40:50               “Knives Out” rewind.

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